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Our skilled team of chiropractors and therapists is the backbone of our success. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the clinic, coupled with a highly professional, warm, and friendly approach. We are known in East Sussex as a leading healthcare center, and we are proudly committed to delivering the optimum in patient care and support.

Charlotte Peatfield


My chiropractic story began at the age of 14 when my father visited a chiropractor in Brighton. He had been suffering from hip pain for years and had tried basically anything going. I watched the chiropractor working on him and thought to myself…Wow! This is what I want to do. I later became a patient myself. Since that time I knew that all I wanted to do was to become a chiropractor and so, in 1999 went to the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth.

After 5 years I graduated with a Masters of Chiropractic. Since that time I have been working in the UK- 18 months in Luton and three and a half years in Brighton. Chiropractors have the ability to give a first class service to people who want to look after the health of their spine. The spine holds the central nervous system which basically controls you and everything you feel, especially pain. Looking after this important structure can be the difference between health and disease.

So many people do not understand what we do, hopefully at Back on Track we can clear some of the confusion up. Chiropractic can help not just in pain but also in the well being of an individual, if it is combined with nutrition, good posture and exercise. I aim to provide enough education to allow the individual to make the right choices when it comes to their own health – hopefully this will last a lifetime. We look forward to looking after you at Back on Track Clinic.



Charlotte and I first worked together nearly 18 years ago in a clinic in Brighton and I came to join her here at Back on Track 4 and a half years ago.

I have personally had chiropractic treatment since I was a child and it has helped me in many ways over the years including in pregnancy!

I am here to help provide any information on the services we provide, as well as enjoying seeing all of our lovely patients improvement over their visits.

Teresa Stringer


My thirteen year journey into holistic health has been borne from the belief that we all have the capacity to help ourselves to good health.

As an athlete, I am aware of how the body works and the impact life has on it.

Through the treatments I offer, I aim to help you realign your physical well-being and introduce calm into your busy life via the mind as well as the body.

When we meet, I discuss with you your needs. Then, using my experience from treating a variety of people plus my drawing on my own past health issues, I help you to understand your current physical and emotional state and the most appropriate treatment for you.

I can create an individual programme of treatments to give you a balanced sense of well-being, or simply one treatment to assist with the relief of an immediate problem.

"Highly professional, reassuring and a calming ambience. I thoroughly recommend Back on Track."
Pauline B
“I initially came to see Charlotte as I was having problems with my hip and hamstring. As a keen mature runner I wanted to know what was causing me pain and how to address it. Charlotte was very knowledgeable and informative. She instantly put me at ease and I have always felt very relaxed during my sessions with her. Charlotte diagnosed my problems, gave me treatments to ease them and recommended specific strengthening exercises which supported my recovery. Charlotte was clear with me from the beginning on how many sessions I was likely to need and when I no longer needed sessions. I would highly recommend her..”
Helen S
"There have been occasions when I have needed to see Charlotte at short notice and she always endeavours to see me that same day, which I appreciate very much indeed."
Tracy JA
"Having been a semi-upright disaster area, Charlotte put me ‘back on track.' "
Gill W
“I came to see Charlotte with persistent Migraines. I wanted to avoid taking many drugs for my headaches. I saw Charlotte for several sessions to ease tensions in my shoulders and neck, probably as a result of so much online studying. The treatments have definitely helped and my migraines have become less frequent. I now visit Charlotte each holiday from university and it always helps. Charlotte has always been very flexible and able to fit me in for a session around my schedule. Charlotte is very friendly, we always have a nice chat and she makes me feel very relaxed when she is treating me.”
Lauren S
“It’s brilliant! I haven’t had any headaches since I have been coming to Back on Track. It’s been an absolute godsend!”
Emily B
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